PBN Set-up

Private Blog Network Set-up

Let us create your own Private Blog Network

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Own Private Blog Network?

  • Links from HIGH QUALITY, EXTREMELY NICHE RELEVANT Authority sites.
  • Having niche relevant links to any site means instant increase in rankings
  • You can crush rankings in almost any niche!
  • You will be able to build authoritative links your competitors will never be able to get.
  • Link juice not shared with other websites.
  • You have complete control over the quality of sites, anchor text and outbound links.
  • Very affordable way to gain niche relevant high authority links for your other websites.
  • Permanent links - Your backlinks will never ever removed, as you own the PBN.
  • No recurring monthly fees. Once the PBN is set-up, its yours!


Can My PBN Be Monetised?

Yes they can be and we highly recommend to do so.

Heres why:

  1. Your PBN is an authority site
  2. You have full control over all backlinks.
  3. Your Blog should have a lot of author accounts and contributor accounts that submit content regularly.

After your blog is established and its authority increased, you could choose to charge people for guest posts on your website. As the authority increases, a link placed in a post on your blog could be very valuable for SEO ranking.

You could also choose to build up the websites authority and sell the website as there is a big market for high ranking blogs.

There are many options to choose.

Why Should You Build Links On A PBN?

Building links on a PBN is very Important. Not all Links on PBNs are permanent, which over time, will lead to the authority of the PBN decreasing. Building links on the PBN will increase the Authority of the website and increase metrics like PR, PA, DA, TF, CF and strengthen the site.

What Information Do I Need To Provide For Set-Up?

All you will need to provide us is the niche you would like the site to be. We will take care of the rest!

In What Niches Can You Create My Blog?

We can create PBNs for a large variety of niches such as:

  • Adult
  • Foods & Culinary
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Advertising & Classifieds
  • Gambling
  • Personal Product & Services
  • Business Related Including Home Business
  • Health Care & Medical
  • Pets & Animals
  • Cars, Auto Care & Services
  • Health, Fitness, Sports & Athletics
  • Prescription Drugs & Medications
  • Computer Related Inc Hard & Software
  • Home, Garden, Products & Services
  • Real Estate & Property Related
  • Education & Training
  • Hotels, Resorts & Travel
  • Religion
  • Electronics
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Safety & Security
  • Employment
  • Information, Books, Publications & Communication
  • Shopping, Art, Hobbies etc
  • Entertainment
  • Legal Related
  • Telecommunications
  • Family
  • Music & Audio
  • Web Related Inc Hosting, Marketing etc
  • Finance Related
  • Online Dating
  • Weddings Inc Photography

If you don't see your niche here, just ask and we will see what we can do for you!

What Is Your Refund policy For The PBN Set-Up Services?

If we are unable to deliver your PBN in time, we will give you a full refund.